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Osborn's School Of Motoring

I would like to introduce you to our services which now includes Au Pair Driving Assessments.

As I’m sure you know many countries have driving standards that are not quite as high as the UKs, and often the challenge of driving in a foreign country, often on the unfamiliar side of the road can be a bit overwhelming for visiting drivers.

We have in the past done several driving assessments for private clients employing au pairs, we now thought it would be a good idea to offer this service via the agencies. We can do as little or as much as you, or your clients wish.

We can offer a general assessment, and of course, any remedial lessons should they be deemed necessary.
UK familiarisation, roundabouts, one way systems, motorways, etc.
Local knowledge, school runs, local shops, train stations, multi storey car parks, etc. 

We can offer manual or automatic lessons and if required familiarisation lessons in the families own car (after initial assessment).

We are offering lesson packages, as follows:

BRONZE        2 hours driving assessment, some local familiarisation, and a general UK familiarisation.

Manual £48                 Automatic £54

SILVER          6 hours in total, including 2 hour assessment, local familiarisation, UK familiarisation, remedial work and introduction to dual carriageways and/or motorways.

                        Manual £144               Automatic £162

GOLD             10 hours in total, including 2 hour assessment, local familiarisation, UK familiarisation, extensive remedial work, dual carriageways and  motorways, basic car care, checking fluid levels, tyre pressures, etc

                        Manual £230               Automatic £260

Further lessons, should they be required are charged at £24 per hour for manual cars and £27 per hour for automatic cars.

 We have male and female instructors, with many instructors being confident in a foreign language, including Hungarian, Japanese, French, German and most Asian languages.

Please note that at the moment we can only offer this service to clients based in Hertfordshire.

Course lengths may vary depending on the au pairs driving experience and existing driving standards, and how high a standard is required, for example is motorway experience required?

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Osborn’s School of Motoring Ltd on 01707 322830, or browse our website at www.drivinglessons4u.co.uk.



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