Nanny agencies have been affected hugely by the recession,
the reason for this I believe is for a number of reasons. One of those reasons
is that a lot of high earners have lost their jobs therefore they don’t need a
nanny to look after their children, so many nannies have been made redundant.
This has had a knock on affect because nannies are seeing that there are not
many nanny jobs around so they are staying with families for longer periods of
time because at least they are working and are earning a salary enabling them
to pay their bills, were before the recession hit nannies had the pick of jobs
and often moved around from job to job a lot more.


The lack of nanny jobs could also be the fact that parents
are asking family members to look after the children while they work.
Grandparents are play a large part in raising their grandchildren as this is a
big financial relief for parents, enabling them to save on childcare and reduce
their out going as the cost of living has risen massively in the past couple of
years what with the rise in food, petrol and the general running of a home.


The other reason I believe that nanny agencies are much
quieter is that a lot off parents are turning to the internet to look for
childcare, I feel this is because a lot of nanny agencies charge a massive
finders fee for finding a nanny, were the childcare internet websites only
charge a very small joining fee and they have a massive data base of nannies
that parents can contact direct and find what they are looking for.


I do believe in a few years time nanny agencies are not
going to be used any more as more people will realise that they can find a
nanny on line using childcare websites, as this is a much cheaper why of sourcing
good childcare for their family.


I have run a nanny agency for 16 years and over the last 18
month have noticed that I am getting less phone calls from parents requiring
nannies and more calls from nannies looking for nanny jobs.


I do feel that nannies and parents are using the Internet
more now to find childcare jobs or childcare. Parents in particular are using
websites instead of using nanny agencies because this eliminate them from
having to pay a large agency fee if a nanny agency finds them a nanny.


This is the reason I have
set up a website
as I feel in a few years time I will not have a nanny agency anymore. Totally Childcare
is a specialist website, totally dedicated to your childcare needs. My vision
is to make finding childcare or looking for a new job in childcare simple and
hassle free. We provide a simple and easy to use website that has got lots of
helpful information for you to read, with simple steps for you to input your
requirements as a Nanny or Parents and find what you are looking for.